Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bill Moyers on Obama, Afghanistan, America, and healthcare

Last Friday Bill Maher interviewed Bill Moyers whom he described as the "conscience of American journalism."

Here Moyers speaks about Afghanistan (and its parallels with Vietnam) as well as the straits in which America finds itself today: a great nation with the "rivets coming out."

(Video link)

And here he speaks on health insurance reform, the role of money in politics, and the fact that "profit" is not the right way to determine who gets care and who doesn't:

(Video link)

IF YOU'RE LOOKING for more information on how other countries manage healthcare, Frontline had a program a year ago on the topic. They looked at Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK. Check out "Sick Around the World." (You may just want to start on their "what can we learn from what they do?" page.)

As Bill Moyers said in the Maher interview, we have to remember that "we're all in this together."

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