Saturday, April 04, 2009

The truth on torture

I just saw Rachel Maddow's interview with former Secretary of State Colin Powell. She pressed him on whether he was present at meetings with other Bush administration "principals" when the interrogation--and torture--of detainees at Guantamo was discussed.

Maddow displays a lot more journalistic integrity than most reporters these days, give it a watch:

(Video link)

And if you think we need to know more about what was done in our name, you can sign an ACLU petition here asking Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate whether actions were taken that violate U.S. laws against torture.

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Blogger Ry said...

I think there should be an investigation into torture, etc, etc.. But I also believe that it behooves President Obama to ultimately pardon those involved, at all levels, most especially if those persons are high-ranking administration officials. There's precedent for this in the pardoning of Nixon in the interest of national reconciliation; and indeed, beloved Abraham Lincoln in a time of great national turmoil assumed powers outside of his prerogative, and suspended civil liberties.

Bush et al should be investigated--and subsequently pardoned.


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