Friday, April 03, 2009

Tech support and service plan hell

Last night my hard drive failed on my PC. I wasn't surprised: I had heard the telltale noises. And I wasn't terribly worried since I run a nightly backup.

I started to look for a PC repair place today when I noticed that I had paid $90 for a two-year service plan when I bought the computer from HP. So I called them thinking I was pretty smart.

Four hours later (almost all of it spent with me on the phone), the HP service department had finally agreed to send me a replacement drive. They estimated delivery on April 8th.

Somehow I think it would have been easier and faster to just take the PC somewhere this morning for a local repair!



Blogger Marc said...

Realizing it's not much help for your current situation, but I buy about 30 computers a year for the small company where I work, and will only buy Dell machines. Primarily because of their service and support. We generally have replacement parts next business day; with a tech onsite depending on the part.

8:33 AM  

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