Friday, March 13, 2009

MUST SEE: John Stewart interviews Jim Cramer

Wow, I just watched Jon Stewart interview Mad Money's Jim Cramer on The Daily Show. It was unbelievable. Stewart aggressively took Cramer (and the rest of CNBC) on for hyping the stock market as a place for making fast money while knowing all along that hedge fund managers and others who work behind the scenes were manipulating the markets to their own advantage. The loser: you, me and everyone else with a 401(k).

I thought of the movie Frost/Nixon while I was watching Stewart/Cramer. While Cramer is no Nixon, it's fun to imagine how a Stewart/Nixon matchup might have gone.

Congratulations to Jon Stewart for engaging in some serious journalism.

Here is the interview (parts one, two, and three):


Here is CNN's story on the interview.

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