Thursday, March 12, 2009

Letter to Governor Gibbons

Here is the letter I sent to Governor Gibbons regarding the possibility that he may reject some of the federal stimulus money:

Governor Gibbons,

I was outraged when I read in the Las Vegas Sun yesterday that you were considering rejecting some of the federal stimulus money that recently become available through ARRA.

I read your letter to President Obama, and I agree with you that Nevada is getting less than its fair share on a per capita basis.

However, I must say in the strongest possible terms that it would be a grave mistake to turn down federal funds for extending unemployment benefits. This money is meant to serve as a temporary solution to a real and current problem: high unemployment in this terrible economy. Nevada already has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and it would be cruel and unusual punishment to forego money that could help both individuals and families whose breadwinners are out of work.

I will be watching your actions carefully. I urge you to accept all federal money to which Nevada is entitled. Any other path will be disgraceful.

I also called his Carson City number, (775) 684-5670. His email form is here. You can also sign a petition here.

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