Sunday, March 08, 2009

Obama's weekly address 3/7/2009

Here is Obama talking about the economy and encouraging Americans to have faith that the U.S. "will emerge strong stronger and more prosperous than it was before." He summarizes some of the steps that his administration is taking to help the country get through this recession and to prepare it for future growth.

(Video link)

AND HERE IS A STORY on the controversy over the President's willingness to sign the current budget bill which contains around 9000 earmarks (amounting to approximately $8 billion). The administration is arguing that the bill was largely negotiated while Bush was in office and that they will not accept earmarks in any budget they negotiate. I'm not sure if I buy the argument, but I'm also hesitant to make a stand over a relatively small number ($8 billion) when healthcare reform and investments in energy and education are on the table. Sometimes you have to choose your battles...

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