Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Biology notes

The amazing, tool-making crows:
New Caledonian crows are renowned for their toolmaking skills.

In the complexity, fluidity and sophistication of their tool use, their ability to manipulate and bird-handle sticks, leaves, wires, strings and any other natural or artificial object they can find into the perfect device for fishing out food, or fishing out second-, third- or higher-order tools, the crows have no peers in the nonhuman vivarium, and that includes such textbook dexterous smarties as elephants, macaques and chimpanzees.

(Video link)

AND on the human sexuality front, research has determined that men think women are most attractive during ovulation... unless the man passing judgment is already in a relationship.

Meanwhile, women who are dating men perceived to be less attractive than them tend to flirt more around the time they're ovulating, even if they have no intentions on walking out on their mate.

More interesting insights into the mysteries of human romance and reproduction here.

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