Thursday, October 01, 2009

More trouble for Nevada's junior senator

Looks like Senator John Ensign and the husband of the woman Ensign was having an affair with may have broken ethics laws when Ensign helped the man get work as a lobbyist. Good to see that someone is taking the time to investigate everything that happened and keep the heat turned up on "Mr. Family Values."

... The senator arranged for Mr. Hampton to join a political consulting firm and lined up several donors as his lobbying clients, according to interviews, e-mail messages and other records. Mr. Ensign and his staff then repeatedly intervened on the companies’ behalf with federal agencies in Washington, often after urging from Mr. Hampton.

While the affair made national news in June, the role that Mr. Ensign played in assisting Mr. Hampton and helping the clients he represented has not been previously disclosed. Several legal experts say those activities may have violated an ethics law that bans senior aides from lobbying the Senate for a year after leaving their posts.

In acknowledging the affair, Mr. Ensign cast it as personal transgression, not a professional one. But an examination of his conduct shows that in trying to clean up the mess from the illicit relationship and distance himself from the Hamptons, he entangled political supporters, staff members and Senate colleagues, some of whom say they now feel betrayed by Mr. Ensign.

The article also notes that there are currently no ethics investigations underway in the Senate. Guess it times to write those senators. Unfortunately it won't do much good for me... I don't think Mr. Ensign will be too receptive to my request, and Harry Reid will probably ignore it as well. Hey, I know: I'll write my new senators in Oregon! :-)

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