Monday, March 09, 2009

Wilson Cruz speaks out on "effeminate" criticism

I haven't seen He's Just Not That Into You, but apparently out actor Wilson Cruz has received some criticism for portraying a gay character in too effeminate a manner. This is what he had to say:

“Some people had something to say about the fact that I may have been too effeminate or other people in the film may have been too effeminate but I celebrate that fact that we can do that in 2009,” the actor said when we spoke before the screening of Pedro Saturday night at Outfest Fusion 2009 in Hollywood. “I want to see more effeminate men on television and in film. I think there is a lack of that. The more we see effeminate men on screen, the more we can help those young people who are exactly that feel okay about it. And that’s really the whole point of my career.”


“I was happy with what I did, I was very proud of my portrayal of a gay man,” he says. “I know that there was some controversy about some of the portrayals of gay men in the film. I felt like as a whole, the film did a good job of showing a spectrum of gay men. some of the controversy came off as self-hatred to me in the sense that we do have a lot of effeminate men in our community. I celebrate that. And I celebrate the fact that they should be willing and able to be exactly who they are.”

Good for you, Wilson.

Wilson Cruz

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